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About us

Nicole had spent the majority of her early career volunteering and helping shelter animals during her free time. Finding a passion with animal care, Nicole resigned her corporate job to create Paws and Claws Pet Service.  Nicole created Paws and Claws Pet Service in 2009, a dog walking and pet sitting company based out of Madison, WI.  Working from the ground up, the company began with only a few clients in the Madison and surrounding area. Paws and Claws quickly grew to the point additional team members had to be brought on to help with the new demands.  Today, the company runs strong with many happy clients and over ten employees.  Corinne, Nicole's sister, now owns the company as Nicole focuses exclusively on dog daycare and her new pet supply store.  

Nicole saw a need for a dog daycare in Evansville after the previous one closed mid pandemic.  Also, seeing a need for a pet supply store, Nicole found the perfect location to host both.  Offering a lot of items so that pet owners in Evansville and surrounding areas don't need to travel as far to get essentials for their pets.


I absolutely love this place and would recommend it to anyone looking for a daycare place without a ton of dogs and wants a more personal setting. My mini Aussie absolutely loves it. She has her own three dogs, two Border Collies and I can't remember the breed of the other but a real neat calm older dog.The owner has the best temperament I've ever seen, she loves her dogs and every dog that that stays there. I love the pics and accassional updates on how Ziggy is doing. Great place!

Daxter goes here for daycare 2-3 times per week. It's perfect! Big yard with a fence. Other dogs to play with. And Nicole is amazing taking care of my (super) high energy puppy! Dax has such a good time playing with everyone that he gets sleepy and frequently comes home tired. And a tired pup is a good pup!

Dax is a little over a year old now, and a 75 lb ball of energy. He also has general (and separation) anxiety. But he has a blast with Nicole and her pack! He gets plenty of exercise and attention. It's not uncommon for Nicole to share some updates and pics throughout the day too, which is very much appreciated since we know he can be a handful and has anxiety issues.

Online scheduling and flexible pick-up/drop-off times are amazing. It really takes a huge amount of stress off in getting kids and dogs where they need to go. Plus, online payment makes things super simple.

Daxy has also had some overnight stays. For a boarding option, much like's awesome! Dax loves the pack, which includes the rest of the family. Unlike other boarding experiences, Daxter comes home happy and tired. And we know he's not just alone in a kennel all night. He's in a home and happy.

Overall, my experiences have been EXCELLENT! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for daycare or boarding for their furry ones.

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